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Create Your Own BAIL Team

You don’t have to do it all yourself! We encourage everyone to utilize the expertise of their own BAIL Team.

BAIL stands for Banking, Accounting, Insurance, and Legal. Every entrepreneur should take the time to create their very own team of experts in each of these areas.

Executive Legal Professionals has done the networking for you. Our BAIL Team is a community of professionals who work together, across multiple disciplines, in a collaborative way to serve our clients better. We receive no compensation for referrals, but are simply a group of like-minded individuals that are focused on creating a successful environment for our clients.

Take a moment to peruse a few of the professionals listed below and compile the contacts who will lead you to entrepreneurial success.


Need seed money, working capital, or flexibility in your budget? Develop a strong relationship with your banker.

Matt Pierucki – First Advantage Bank


Want to avoid an audit? Need to report financial information to interested third parties? You need an accountant.

Brad Jones – Jones CPA Associates


Plan for the future. Protect your assets. Manage risk. For these things and more, adequate insurance is crucial.

Misty Petak – Northwestern Mutual
Edward Wildermuth – Eagle Strategies


Prevent legal risks from becoming expensive legal problems. Hire General Counsel to get essential legal services.

Noel Bagwell – ExecutiveLP
Nikki McCain – ExecutiveLP / McCain Law


Ed Legum – Alliant Capital Advisors

Many thanks to the 1808 Grille at the Hutton Hotel for hosting our BAIL Team meetings!

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