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Business Formation Services

Choosing the right business organization structure for your type of business is an important decision—and an LLC or Corporation might not be right for every business. Trying to “DIY” your legal work—with no assurance you are doing the work correctly—often leads to spending more of your valuable resources (time, effort, and money) than you would spend if you simply hired an attorney to correctly do the work you need.

Executive Legal Professionals provides business formation services, and each formation package comes with 90 days of unlimited legal consultations. With our plans, our clients are assured:

  1. they have formed the right kind of business,Choose Business Type
  2. they have formed their business the right way, and
  3. they have the ongoing legal support they need.
Sole Proprietorship
Limited Liability Company

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Sole Proprietorships

Sole Proprietor

Solo entrepreneurs are powerful but vulnerable. The Sole Proprietorship is the nimblest, least expensive type of business, yet it is also the most exposed, because the sole proprietor has unlimited financial and legal liability for debts and legal obligations of the business. ExecutiveLP provides sole proprietors with essential consulting services to help them manage their legal liabilities, maintain adequate insurance, and implement essential contracts.

Sole Proprietorships are the least costly to create. You may need a business license, EIN, and trade name or IP protections. Make sure you have a team of professionals to advise you as your business grows!

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Partnership Meeting

Well-managed partnerships can be excellent organizations, but are at risk of disruption resulting from internal disagreements as well as outside threats. Different kinds of partnerships each offer unique advantages to the partners involved. ExecutiveLP will help you and your partners choose and form the right type of partnership for your business.

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Limited Liability Companies

LLC Formation

Perhaps the most-sought-after type of business organization, LLCs provide the flexibility of a partnership with many of the same liability protections and organizational advantages of a corporation. Whether you need an LLC, Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC), Series LLC, or a Low-profit Liability Company (L3C), we have the experience and tools to provide the business formation and ongoing legal services you need at a price that reflects the value they will add to your business.

An LLC is governed by its Operating Agreement and the LLC statute in the jurisdiction in which it was formed. It is critical that your Operating Agreement reflect the unique organizational, financial, legal, and structural aspects of your business. Having a “one-size-fits-all” Operating Agreement is a bad idea, because usually one size does not fit all. When deciding how you are going to spend money to start a your company, spending good money to have a well-drafted Operating Agreement created by competent business attorney for your business is one of the best choices you can make.

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Most people who choose to incorporate their business do so to limit the liability of the holders of equity interests in their company, who become shareholders in the new corporation. The company is incorporated when the charter is filed and approved by the state. Its charter defines the corporation’s structure, hierarchy, and articulates much about how it will operate. Every corporation is required by law to have at least one annual meeting, and corporations, generally speaking, are owned by one or more stockholders, and, therefore, they all issue one or more shares of stock in the corporation. This is a defining characteristic of corporations that sets it apart from partnerships (who have partners, not stockholders or members) and LLCs (who have members, not stockholders or partners).

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