You Wanna Fight About It? Techniques for Resolving Business Disputes

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October 15th
Topic: You Wanna Fight About It? Techniques for Resolving Business Disputes,
Speakers: Noel Bagwell, David Cooper (tentatively),
Standard Ticket: $40
Location: Blackstone Restaurant & Brewery

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Keynote Speaker: Noel Bagwell

Noel Bagwell serves as President and Chief Legal Counsel at Executive Legal Professionals, PLLC. Since founding Executive Legal Professionals, Noel has worked diligently to make a name for himself as a proficient speaker and educator on topics relating to business law, including contracts, choosing the right business organization for a start-up, franchising, and other business-related legal issues. Noel is the National Center for Preventive Law Aspect of Practice Leader for Start-ups and Small Businesses. While attending Cumberland School of Law at Samford University, Noel distinguished himself as the Economic Analysis of Law Scholar of Merit. Since law school, his passion for the economics of law has driven him to be an outspoken supporter of business-friendly public policy and to pursue efforts to improve access to business-related legal education for entrepreneurs, executives, and other business decision-makers.

Noel regularly speaks, pro bono, about Start-up Law issues to retiring soldiers who attend the Small Business Administration’s Boots to Business workshop at Ft. Campbell, KY. Noel is heavily involved with the Nashville Preventive Law Luncheon event series presented by Executive Legal Professionals. Noel has also been a guest lecturer at Cumberland School of Law at Samford University, and is a dynamic, engaging public speaker with an infectious passion for business, law, and economics.

Topic: “You Wanna Fight About It? Techniques for Resolving Business Disputes”

Executive Legal Professionals, PLLC welcomes new and returning attendees to its Nashville Preventive Law Luncheon series with a brand-new topic: “You Wanna Fight About It? Techniques for Resolving Business Disputes.”

In this entertaining, informative talk, Noel Bagwell will discuss solving disputes without resorting to litigation–commonly called Alternative Dispute Resolution or (“ADR”). In addition to covering information about the basic kinds of ADR (negotiation, mediation, and arbitration), Noel will discuss lesser-known ADR solutions and how to implement them in your business. Perhaps most interestingly, Noel will discuss the role Preventive Law plays in setting you up for ADR success, should a dispute arise in the course of operating your business. Plus, Noel will answer questions from the audience.



Appetizer | Hot Soft Pretzel Bites, house-made, wood-fired oven, served with mustard & jalapeño beer cheese

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House Salad | Mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion & Parmesan cheese

Choice of Entrée:

  • Pub Burger with Cheese| Premium Steakburger grilled over Tennessee hardwood with French fries
  • English Fish & Chips | cod filets in our famous Blackstone ale batter with fries & coleslaw
  • Black Bean Jerk Chicken Breast (Grilled) | over a bed of black beans with salsa & wild rice pilaf
  • House Salad & Soup of the Day 
  • Greek Pizza (vegetarian) | basil infused oil, Kalamata olives, spinach, roasted red peppers & feta cheese

Dessert Table:

  • Fresh Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • Handcrafted Brownies

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