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ExecutiveLP®: Experience work-life fusion.

Our founder likes to say, “Every day, I get up, and I row my boat. My boat has no room for passengers, or even halfhearted rowers. Anyone is welcome in my boat, but they have to row with their heart.”  When you come to work for ExecutiveLP®, we will encourage you to be your best. Excellence is expected. Anyone can be boring… but you’re better than that.

Our team is passionate and talented. They love what they do. “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” That’s the saying, isn’t it? That’s the kind of firm we strive to be. Balance is out. Fusion is in. Bring your passion, your heart, your everything to work, and we’ll do the same. Welcome aboard.

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Our work reflects our commitment to our clients. Everything we do revolves around giving our clients’ first-class experiences.

If you see a better way of doing things, we want to hear your feedback. We don’t fear disruption.

Integrity, loyalty, and honor mean something at ExecutiveLP®. We want to work with good people, not just good lawyers.

Your compensation is directly tied to your performance. Your effort, skill, raw talent and entrepreneurial spirit determine your income.

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What Others Are Saying About Us

Noel is very helpful in guiding Jo’s Hawaiian Hut with all our legal needs. I would highly recommend if you are a start up business or an existing business to seek advice regarding all business matters.
Barbara Gunter, Jo's Hawaiian Hut
Noel is the consummate professional. He is a very detailed oriented attorney that truly cares about his clients best interests. He has been able to help advise me on many different aspects of business and personal legal affairs.

He is very personable and his passion for law shines through his actions and behaviors. I’m lucky to have someone of his caliber in my corner and consider him a strategic assest for both family and business.

DeedsRyan Deeds, The Crichton Group
Although I have known Noel for a short time I know him to be very professional and extremely educated in his field. I am most impressed about his savvy skills in networking through the different social media platforms. I don’t know anyone else in the legal profession who incorporates social media into their business as Noel does. That is refreshing and exciting for a Gen Y professional like myself! Thanks Noel.
VadenAmanda Johns Vaden, Southwestern Consulting
Noel is a fine young man. He demonstrates exemplary skill and effectiveness in his duties. He is [a] personable and considerate young man. He would be a great asset for anyone.
EvansLarry Evans, Prudential PenFed Realty
Noel is [a] detail oriented individual. He always catches the little things, the ones that others tend to miss but can end up being the game-changer in a case. Noel is dedicated to his work and will give any client his full attention and effort.
AndersonLauren Anderson, Meyer, Anderson & DeLuca, LLC
Noel is professional, courteous, and friendly. His in-depth knowledge of the legal process and commitment to serving his clients demonstrate his effectiveness as an attorney.
BurgerMandy Burger, J.D.
Noel is an insightful innovator who is always looking for new ways to solve problems and accomplish goals.
StricklandProf. Henry Strickland
Good ethically based management.
Jonathan Rone
Noel is a very knowledgeable. He will give you the best approach to your situation. He’s very trustworthy and reliable. I’m glad to have come in contact with such a great individual.
StuartDorothy Sparrow Stuart, VirtuSite, LLC
I recommend Noel to anyone… will definitely be using him again if a problem comes up. [He] also got me the deal I wanted – for my case to be dismissed. Thank you Noel for your hard work and dedication to my case!
William Bonner
Noel is a very kind and courteous person to work with and has immense knowledge in his area of expertise.
Navin Mirania, Mirania Data Systems
Noel is a talented and capable attorney with an entrepreneurial spirit. He will work hard and come to the table with well thought out answers and recommendations.
JP Policastro
I work with several small business owners. Noel provides information on business formation for these clients. He has proven to have in depth knowledge on the subject and answers all questions with practical examples to make it easy for individuals to understand.
PathwayMildred Walters, Pathway Women's Business Center
A phenomenal meeting, clearly spelled out what was right and wrong in simple and easy language in order for us to successfully host a function where craft beer would be available. Following this one meet, many minds were put at ease as we begin this endeavor which will ultimately lead to opening a brewery. Without having to be asked, and knowing we were just getting started, he brought Devon from Sproutling Marketing to briefly talk marketing without additional cost/ fees. Very knowledgeable and realistic and without a doubt worth every dime! We look forward to future business.
Noel is very knowledgeable and helpful. He made sure we understood our rights in very straightforward and understandable terms. He also made himself available to us on a Saturday to address our issue ASAP.
I was very happy with the job that he did for my family. He was quick to respond and made us very confident that everything was going to be fine . I would recommend Noel Bagwell to anyone needing a lawyer on their side.
Carrie White
Noel has provided a great deal of legal knowledge into an emerging field that has lots of ambiguity. As a result we have been able to streamline the processes necessary to compete with heavyweights in the industry.
Very knowledgeable and dedicated. He was straightforward and honest with me and gave me all the options. If I need anything I will not hesitate to use his services again.
Insurance Client
I’ve known Noel for several years. I can tell you he’s an original thinker and a hard worker and most important he believes in all the ideals that we attorneys swear to uphold.
FendleyJacob Fendley
Noel is an ethical, results-driven lawyer who creates novel solutions to his clients problems. It was a pleasure working with him.
Bradley StephensBradley Stephens
My husband and I highly recommend Noel, he took the time on our case to answer our questions and make sure that the process went as smoothly as possible. Noel always kept us informed and went above and beyond.
Erin Bartoszek
I recommend Noel Bagwell’s legal services with confidence. Noel successfully represented me in court and has been a great source to rely on when I have questions regarding business law.
CarlCarl Kahle
My experience using Noel’s services was exceptional. He writes some of the most thorough contracts I’ve ever seen. Simply by just having a conversation with him, within seconds, you will realize you are dealing with a top-notch professional. His grasp of the English language is amazing and his eloquence shines through in the simplest of emails or even the most complicated contracts. I highly recommend him for your legal service needs, whatever they may be. He is a straight-shooter and his focus is always on the best interest of his clients.
Kimberly Schneck, Keller Williams Realty
I’ve known Noel since he attended Bible Baptist Academy with my daughter. He is hard working and a man of integrity.
Jimmy Worthington, Retired Sergeant Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
Noel brings to his practice a history of excellence. He is knowledgeable, professional and results oriented. He puts clients at ease with his warmth, while at the same time making a client feel confident of his legal skills.
Kanina Davis, CMCSS
Noel is a hard-working young attorney with impeccable ethics. The quality of Noel’s work and the satisfaction of his clients sincerely matter to him. He has expert skills in determining the best legal action to take and the diligence needed to produce positive results for his clients. Noel believes that his clients deserve his time, attention, and thorough counsel in order to be confident in his ability to effectively represent their interests.
Susan Bagwell
Displays excellent grasp of the law and its interpretation.
Sydney Park, Samford University