Promises, Promises

It's another Musical Monday, here, on the ExecutiveLP™ blog. Today's feature: Promises, Promises by Naked Eyes. We're going to be talking about the legal consequences of promises, whether or not a broken promise is fraud, and why it benefits you to always ask your attorney.

Writing Liquidated Damages Clauses 101

Penalty clauses are not economically efficient. This is why penalty clauses are not and should not be enforceable. That's not to say the parties are without a remedy for breach of contract--far from it! In fact, liquidated damages are the norm; sometimes, even specific performance can be required to cure a breach of contract. Read our three tips for effectively using liquidated damages clauses.

Get Thee a Buy-Sell Agreement

Atlanta, GA--Business attorney Bradley Stephens, writing for Executive Legal Professionals, discusses buy-sell agreements and business succession.