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Pyramid Schemes, Multi-Level Marketing, and the “Virtual Franchise”

A wise businessperson would do well to be extremely cautious, skeptical, and wary of any business that engages in Pyramid / Multi-Level Marketing / MLM / or structuring of their business relationships--even if they're called something else that seems innocuous, like a "Virtual Franchise".

Is Becoming a Franchise Right for Your Business?

Is becoming a franchise right for your business? Deciding to start a franchise really does not depend on what goods your business produces or what kind of services it provides; rather, whether your business is franchise-eligible largely depends on how well you can instruct others to replicate the business of what you do. We present five questions to ask yourself if you are curious about franchising your small business.

Franchising Regulations

Business attorney Noel Bagwell describes franchising regulations in the United States. Franchising regulations exist at both the national (federal) and state level. The Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") enforces a the trade regulation rule called "Disclosure Requirements and Prohibitions Concerning Franchising," codified at 16 C.F.R. 436. In the franchising industry, this is more often simply called the "FTC Rule" or the "Franchise Rule."

Free White Paper: Franchising

Are you considering franchising your successful business? This is a must read! Business law firm Executive Legal Professionals, PLLC, offers free White Paper, "Franchising," to help educate prospective franchisors. Learn about legal requirements, best practices, account needs, and tips on how to increase survivability and maintain perspective in your franchise business.