Articles containing references to specific laws and regulations with which businesses should or must comply.

Protecting Your Small Business from Immigration Problems

Until such time as Congress finds the wherewithal to do its job, immigrants and illegal aliens in the U.S. who are engaging in commerce, here, will have to deal with significant uncertainties. Nashville business attorney Noel Bagwell explains how businesses owned by nonresident aliens can protect their business interests from immigration problems.

Workplace Investigations by Outside Counsel – What Do You Have to Lose?

Courts have placed increasing responsibility on employers to conduct investigations of alleged violations of employment laws, and an employer’s defense in seeking to minimize both liability and damages in these situations often depends on its prompt corrective action. Whether or not an employer chooses to use its own legal counsel for such an investigation will directly impact the application of the attorney-client privilege and the attorney work product doctrine.

Writing Liquidated Damages Clauses 101

Penalty clauses are not economically efficient. This is why penalty clauses are not and should not be enforceable. That's not to say the parties are without a remedy for breach of contract--far from it! In fact, liquidated damages are the norm; sometimes, even specific performance can be required to cure a breach of contract. Read our three tips for effectively using liquidated damages clauses.


Nashville, TN--Business attorney Noel Bagwell asks & answers: "Is Your Ex Entitled to Half Your Business," and discusses how to keep them from taking HALF.

Lawsuits: Do I Even Have a Case?

Nashville, TN--Business attorney Noel Bagwell discusses a framework for thinking through the question, "Do I even have a case," when considering lawsuits.

Down with the Good Ol’ Boys Liquor Store Law

Nashville, TN--Business attorney and Cumberland School of Law 2010 Economic Analysis of Law Scholar of Merit argues for repealing Clarksville, Tennessee's limit on the number of liquor stores.

Workers Compensation in TN

Nashville, TN--Business attorney Noel Bagwell acknowledges TN's Workers' Comp laws can be confusing, and Workers' Comp insurance can be expensive, but provides some information that might help.

Avoiding the Number One Property Management Mistake

Nashville, TN--Business Attorney Noel Bagwell shares how to avoid getting burned by using do-it-yourself leases, out-of-date leases, and making other bad legal decisions in your property management business.