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Protect Your Million-Dollar Company with One Powerful Decision

This powerful decision will help you protect your million-dollar business by going beyond cutting costs to maximize your company's value. Usually, when it comes to legal services, you'll find that striking this delicate balance between cost and value is not easy, and will require you to foster a relationship with a business attorney.

What Entrepreneurs Should Learn from Christopher Columbus

Imagine Christopher Columbus going on Shark Tank. What would that pitch have sounded like? Would Barbara Corcoran or Lori Greiner have given him a deal? I'm thinking probably not. For one thing, the risk he was taking was insane. But risk and reward often have a strong connection, if not an outright correlation. As an entrepreneur, like Columbus, you have to be willing to take huge risks if you want to make a world-changing impact.

Staunching the Flow of Bleeding Hearts, Bleeding Wallets

What is your business? Are you selling goods and services, or are you giving away goods and services? In other words, which comes first, charity or profit? Your bleeding heart doesn't have to bleed your wallet dry, but it will if you don't make the right choices, prioritize your activities, and rely on good professional guidance to get from where you are to where you want to be.

The Maker-Trader Principle

The Maker-Trader Principle, as first stated by me, is: "You can do what you do, or you can do the business of what you do, but most people cannot do both well." Examine your role in your start-up. Are you a maker or a trader? If you are like most people, you're going to need to connect to either a maker or a trader--whichever you are not--if you want to successfully launch a start-up.

Real Diversity is Invisible

Stop focusing on the visible, the superficial, which will inevitably lead you to make some kind of discriminatory decision. Instead, focus on real diversity, diversity of thought, which is invisible but far more important. If the culture of your business is one that encourages openness to new ideas, starting at the top of your organization, the atmosphere of inclusion and respect will demonstrate how much you appreciate everyone's point of view, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Isn't that supposed to be the goal of all efforts to promote workplace diversity?

Improving the Most Important Aspect of Every Relationship

I think expectations are probably what make relationships most difficult to manage. In order to overcome these costly expectations, one must focus on improving the relationship with the person who must decide whether or not to trade with him. Improving a relationship--whether a personal or business relationship--usually comes down to one thing: communication.

Your 2016 New Year Solutions

This year, don't just make resolutions. Instead, actually focus on real solutions. Legal solutions, like Signet™ General Counsel legal services from ExecutiveLP™, are a necessary part of the support your business needs. Our Signet™ General Counsel legal service plan has been carefully crafted to be the can't-live-without, essential legal solution for small businesses in search of General Counsel at a reasonable price.


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An Introduction to Business Forms

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Dispute Resolution and You: A Businessman’s Guide

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Tips for Hiring an Attorney

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Improving Your Virtual Meetings

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Avoiding the Number One Property Management Mistake

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