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Protecting Your Small Business from Immigration Problems

Until such time as Congress finds the wherewithal to do its job, immigrants and illegal aliens in the U.S. who are engaging in commerce, here, will have to deal with significant uncertainties. Nashville business attorney Noel Bagwell explains how businesses owned by nonresident aliens can protect their business interests from immigration problems.

Brands: Accurate vs. Sexy

In my work as a business attorney who has helped a lot of people start new businesses, I tend to get a lot of questions about branding--specifically about choosing brand names. One specific question that tends to give people a hard time is whether their business name should be appealing or whether it needs to accurately reflect key concepts of the business.

Signet™ General Counsel Legal Service Plans Changing in 2017

We now have three tiers of Signet™ General Counsel legal service plans: an Essentials plan for start-ups and micro businesses, the Advantage plan for most small businesses, and the Ultimate plan for businesses that want our most robust preventive legal solution. Now, with more variety and better scaling, our General Counsel legal service plans will tailor themselves to your business like never before.

Business Formation Legal Service Plans Changing In 2017

In 2017, our excellent Business Formation and Signet™ General Counsel legal service plans are more affordable than ever. We now offer a greater variety of service plans, a more scalable pricing formula for Signet™ General Counsel, and improved synergy between our Business Formation and Signet™ General Counsel legal service plans.

Staunching the Flow of Bleeding Hearts, Bleeding Wallets

What is your business? Are you selling goods and services, or are you giving away goods and services? In other words, which comes first, charity or profit? Your bleeding heart doesn't have to bleed your wallet dry, but it will if you don't make the right choices, prioritize your activities, and rely on good professional guidance to get from where you are to where you want to be.

The Stink of Fear

When a client has made mistakes it will cost a lot of money to repair, the fear funk is powerful enough to bring people to tears. If you stink of fear, make a plan. Don't worry about making it perfect. Just have one.

The Maker-Trader Principle

The Maker-Trader Principle, as first stated by me, is: "You can do what you do, or you can do the business of what you do, but most people cannot do both well." Examine your role in your start-up. Are you a maker or a trader? If you are like most people, you're going to need to connect to either a maker or a trader--whichever you are not--if you want to successfully launch a start-up.

Three Simple Solutions for Managing Legal Risks

When we observe that legal risk is everywhere, it's not a scare tactic; that's just the reality in living in our litigious, over-regulated society. As a businessperson, you can acknowledge the reality in which you live and adapt to it, or you can stick your head in the sand. Managing legal risk is about preemptively spotting and plugging holes. Read three simple steps to make sure you don't look like an ostrich in a suit.

Free White Paper: Franchising

Are you considering franchising your successful business? This is a must read! Business law firm Executive Legal Professionals, PLLC, offers free White Paper, "Franchising," to help educate prospective franchisors. Learn about legal requirements, best practices, account needs, and tips on how to increase survivability and maintain perspective in your franchise business.

Business Formation: Forming a Corporation

Nashville, TN--Business attorney Noel Bagwell, the National Center of Preventive Law Aspect of Practice Leader for Start-ups & Small Businesses, shares advice on forming a Corporation.

Business Formation: Forming a Partnership

Nashville, TN--Business attorney Noel Bagwell, the National Center of Preventive Law Aspect of Practice Leader for Start-ups & Small Businesses, shares advice on forming a partnership.

An Introduction to Business Forms

Nashville, TN--Business attorney Noel Bagwell discusses the different types of business structures to help you find the one best suited for your business.

Workers Compensation in TN

Nashville, TN--Business attorney Noel Bagwell acknowledges TN's Workers' Comp laws can be confusing, and Workers' Comp insurance can be expensive, but provides some information that might help.

Tips for Hiring an Attorney

Nashville, TN--Business attorney Noel Bagwell believes every business needs an accountant and a lawyer. Here are some tips you need to know about finding, interviewing, and hiring a good business lawyer. For the accountant, you're on your own.

Have a Start-up? You need a good business lawyer.

Nashville, TN--Business Attorney Noel Bagwell discusses why putting a business lawyer on your team can make the difference between a healthy start-up and one that never launches or never reaches its full potential.