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Your 2016 New Year Solutions

by Noel Bagwell
for Executive Legal Professionals, PLLC

January 1, 2016

Risks Don’t Have to Become Problems

This year, don’t just make resolutions. Instead, actually focus on real solutions. At Mass, this morning, a priest in our parish joked, “I can honestly say I kept all my resolutions from last year. I found them, this morning, in an envelope in my dresser.” Ha-ha.

Calvin and Hobbes December 31 1989

© Bill Watterson. From Calvin and Hobbes, December 31, 1989.

It seems like many, if not most, people who make New Year’s resolutions end up breaking them–usually quickly. Sixty-three perecent (63%) of respondents to a ComRes poll for Bupa from November, 2015, admitted to having broken a New Year’s resolution in the past and the majority of these (66%) admitted to doing so within just one month. So, why do we go through the motions?

I have a better idea. Instead of resolutions, how about we drop the “re,” and just focus on solutions?

Every business has legal risks to address. Legal risks are legal problems at a very, very early stage of development. Your legal risks do not have to become legal problems, though. Using preventive legal strategies and techniques, your General Counsel can help you cost-effectively prevent your legal risks from becoming expensive legal problems.

The ongoing legal services General Counsel attorneys provide to businesses are the primary solution every business needs to help them make strategic legal decisions for their business. Attorneys who serve as General Counsel to businesses are an essential part of the team that supports the key decision-makers in a business, and they do far more than just give good advice. Every good decision-maker probably needs more than just my opinion that you need General Counsel for your business; so, let’s look at a few good reasons this is true.

The General Counsel Solution

  • Value. Having General Counsel is an amazing “bang for your buck” as an investment in your personnel. A General Counsel attorney will enable you and give you the confidence to do more, take better-calculated risks, and give you the insight you need to solve problems you cannot solve on your own — at least, not as effectively and efficiently as you could with General Counsel.
  • Litigation Prevention… But So Much More, Too. A big part of General Counsel attorneys’ role in the companies they serve is litigation prevention, but their job doesn’t stop there–far from it.

    The basic definition of a general counsel is the head of the law department of a company. The reality is that the function of a general counsel is to protect his/her employer while advancing the employer’s goals. Loyalty to the employer is paramount to everything except God, legal ethics requirements and, sometimes, legal impediments.

    All industries have rules and regulations and must comply with local, state and federal law; however, the best general counsel strives to absolutely and completely attain the employer goals while staying within legal boundaries. The general counsel’s fidelity and fierce devotion to the employer’s wishes and best interests should rival that of a parent to his or her child. 1

    No matter your industry, no matter the size of your business, a General Counsel attorney is a person you need on your team, even if there is no litigation on your horizon. You need General Counsel to help you reach your goals while staying within legal boundaries–a difficult task with which even seasoned business professionals perennially struggle.

  • Tax Deductions. Outside General Counsel legal services are a tax-deductible business expense. When legal services are so crucial to the health of your business and tax-deductible, there simply is no reason to skimp on working with high-quality legal professionals. You get what you pay for, and you get to deduct the cost on your income taxes!

Signet™ General Counsel: ExecutiveLP’s Solution for Your Business

Our Signet™ General Counsel legal service plan has been carefully crafted to be the can’t-live-without, essential legal solution for small businesses in search of General Counsel at a reasonable price. We understand, forking over, on average, between $82,250 and $259,750 for each In-House Counsel attorney just may not be in your business’s budget. That’s why we have designed a General Counsel legal service plan, available for a flat monthly fee, which includes a vast array of legal services you would expect your General Counsel to perform.

Our fees scale with the size of your business, making our Signet™ General Counsel legal services a truly scalable, customizable legal solution. As a result, both smaller and larger businesses will pay fees commensurate with their size. No matter the size of your business, ExecutiveLP™ will provide you with an attorney committed to excellence in the provision of the legal services in your legal service plan, which can be tailored to meet your business’s unique needs.

These plans, by default, include the following extremely valuable services:

  • Unlimited Remote Legal Consultation for the length of your service.
  • De minimis legal services at no charge.
  • Your own Account Curator, an attorney assigned to your account to be your point of contact, the person with whom you will most often work to address your legal concerns.
  • ( Optional ) A profile of your business on our website to improve your website’s SEO and increase your brand awareness, while letting the world know we’ve got your back.
  • Attorney Presence at Reduced Rates. Have your attorney in your most important meetings to alert you to potential liabilities as they arise. Secure the prestige of having an attorney in the room.
  • Policy, Procedure, and Program Development (P3D). As your Outside General Counsel, Executive Legal Professionals will regularly participate in the definition and development of your corporate policies, procedures, and programs. Our participation will entail the provision of continuing counsel and guidance on legal matters implied in each aspect of the P3D in which we are involved.
  • Litigation Management & Strategic Defense Planning. As your Outside General Counsel, Executive Legal Professionals will judge the merits of lawsuits filed against or on behalf of the company, work with appropriate executives within the company to define strategic defenses, and approve dispute settlements where warranted.
  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance. As your Outside General Counsel, Executive Legal Professionals will provide guidance to your management and employees to promote compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Negotiate, write, and execute agreements and contracts.
  • Advise executives on contract status, legal risks, and business terms of various deals.
  • Explain legal language.
  • Research unique legal issues impacting the company by identifying applicable statutes, judicial decisions, and codes.
  • Perform pre-litigation work to minimize risks and maximize protection of the company’s legal rights.
  • Review advertising and marketing materials to ensure compliance with legal requirements.
  • Develop solutions to complex legal questions.
  • Provide legal training to the company on substantive legal topics.

Your 2016 New Year Solutions

It’s the first of the year, and that means a fresh start! Start 2016 the right way, with a legal solution that will protect your business throughout 2016 and beyond. Getting started with Signet™ General Counsel services is easy. All you need to do is reach out to us via our Contact page, and one of our friendly, helpful attorneys will quickly reply to your query.

For faster service, please be prepared to answer a few simple questions, like:

  • “How many employees do you have?”
  • “Thinking about all your ongoing business activities, what are your major legal concerns?”
  • “Thinking about your future business goals, what legal issues are you taking into consideration?”
  • “Are you involved in any litigation, right now?”
  • “Has your business ever had a formal Legal Risk Assessment, or do you think it should have one?”

As with any new project getting started is the hardest part, but ExecutiveLP™ makes protecting your business with General Counsel services easy. Once we hear from you, we’ll talk to you about your needs; then, we’ll send you a Quote, Legal Services Agreement, and your first Invoice; and once you accept the quote, execute the Agreement, and pay the Invoices, your services start immediately. It’s that easy. You could have this done today, and if you have any questions, just call us at (615) 669-6566. We’ll make sure your questions are answered and you have all the information you need to confidently make an informed decision.


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