• Commitment to Affordability

The ExecutiveLP™ Commitment to Affordability

by Noel Bagwell
for Executive Legal Professionals, PLLC

January 25, 2016

Entrepreneurs Convert Barriers to Hurdles

American businessmen have a rich history and tradition of innovating and cutting costs, finding new ways to build fortunes, and using their success to improve the lives of everyone in their sphere of influence. Built on a foundation of entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to hard work, such captains of industry as Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, J.P. Morgan, and John D. Rockefeller amassed great fortunes and improved the world through philanthropy in unprecedented ways. In the spirit of these great men, ExecutiveLP™ maintains a commitment to affordability with respect to our legal service offerings.

Inside of a decade of the demonstration of steam propulsion on water by Robert Fulton’s Clermont in 1807, “Cornelius Vanderbilt began using steam technology to cut costs in the New York-New Jersey ferry traffic, and steam power started to find its way to inland waterways.”1 What, you might ask, does steam power in the early 19th Century have to do with our commitment to the affordability of business legal services? Everything. Stay with me, this is where it gets good.

Steam also reduced shipping costs for oceanic travel, where, again, Cornelius Vanderbilt emerged as a key player. Facing a competitor who received sizable federal mail subsidies, Vanderbilt nevertheless drove down hi sown transatlantic costs to the point where he consistently outperformed his government-supported opponent.2

Having won on the Hudson, then on the Atlantic, Vanderbilt next struck on the Pacific Coast, breaking into the subsidized packet-steamer trade. Vanderbilt’s competition received $500,000 in federal subsidies and charged a staggering $600 per passenger ticket for a New York to California trip, via Panama, where the passengers had to disembark and travel overland to board another vessel. After constructing his own route through Nicaragua, rather than Panama, Vanderbilt chopped passenger prices to $400 and offered to carry the mail free! Within a year, thanks to the presence of Vanderbilt, fares dropped to $150, then $100. As occurred in the Hudson competition, the commodore’s competitors finally bought his routes, but even then they found they could never return to the high ticket prices they had charged before he drove costs down. When Vanderbilt left the packet-steamer business, a ticket cost just half what could be fleeced from passengers in the pre-Vanderbilt era.3

Contrary to what leftist political writers and Marxist economists would have people believe, the so-called “robber barons” of the 19th and early 20th centuries did more than nearly anyone in American history to improve the lives of people in the U.S. and around the world. Things, like transcontinental travel, which once were seen as barriers became mere hurdles–and passable ones, at that–in the wake of these titans of industry. That’s what great businessmen do, because, as anyone can learn from a study of Common Sense Economics, “

[p]eople earn income by helping others.”


Overcoming the Cost Barrier for Legal Services

Executive Legal Professionals, PLLC (“ExecutiveLP™”) has always distinguished itself from other law firms by providing legal services in innovative ways. For example, our Signet™ General Counsel legal services are subscription-based, customizable ongoing legal services, available in both quarterly and annual packages. Subscription-based legal services take the guesswork out of calculating your legal fees, making budgeting far easier for your business. Today, I am pleased to announce we are making our services more affordable than ever.

Six Months Same as Cash for Business Formation Legal Service Plans
In addition, we are offering the ability to pay for any Business Formation legal service plan over six months, interest-free, when you sign up for automatic payments using any major credit card. We want you to have the flexibility to pay your account balance on your schedule and as your cash flow dictates, without having to wait to get the legal services your new business needs, right away.

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Military Service Discount
When you attend Boots to Business, or otherwise demonstrate you or your current spouse have served our country in the armed forces, we will be happy to honor your service with a ten percent (10%) discount on our Business Formation and Signet™ General Counsel legal service plans, as well as all our incidental legal services.*

Commitment to Affordability Program
We never want to turned away a Business Formation client simply because they cannot afford our services. We want as many entrepreneurs as possible to be able to participate in the American Dream, which we believe includes successfully operating your own business. Therefore, we are pleased to announce our Commitment to Affordability Program. Eligible participants in this program will receive a reduced rate for Business Formation legal services, when they demonstrate (1) a significant financial need for a rate reduction and (2) a written business plan which includes an acceptable plan for addressing the new business’s financial responsibilities. In addition to the reduced rate, eligible participants will also be permitted to pay the price of their Business Formation legal service plan in twelve equal, interest-free payments over twelve months, subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Plan and any contract between the participant and ExecutiveLP™.

Like Vanderbilt, we are pioneering new ways of making legal services more affordable. We believe staying nimble and keeping our costs low is part of ensuring affordability of our services, but that’s not the whole picture. As a 21st Century law firm, serving clients in the new American economy, ExecutiveLP™ understands that having options about how and when you pay for legal services can make the difference between having the preventive legal services when you need them, and having to pay too much because you waited too long. The time to get legal protection is before your legal risks become legal problems.

We are committed to overcoming the cost barrier for legal services. Let us help you get the legal protection your business needs, today. Please contact us via our website, or call us at (615) 669-6566 to see how we can make preventive business legal services affordable for your business.


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* Military Discount may not be combined with any other offers or discounts.

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